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Very often you may have seen a series of parallel black lines along with numerical figures drawn or attached to
articles of commerce. This is known as a barcode. A barcode is a visual machine-readable data representing the
article to which it is attached. These days, you can see barcodes in practically every product in the market, be it a
chocolate bar or your medicine pack. The array of barcode lines is extremely interesting and if you have the right
software, then these array of lines will reveal all the detailed information about almost any item.

Barcodes can be of various types. You have 2D as well as 3D barcodes. Aztec Code, QR Code, Data Matrix,
SPARQcode, EZCode, PDF Code, ShotCode, to name a few are some of the well known 2D barcodes. A 3D
barcode is commonly seen in most products these days. GTIN 12, EAN-13, PDF417 are some of the regular 3D
barcodes that you see. Operating a thriving retail business is not an easy to go affair. You need a lot of effort, up-
to-date system, and software to keep your business function smoothly.
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